I’m Learning How to Gain Traffic with Mix


I was going to name this post How to Gain Traffic with Mix but that would be super misleading because the truth is, I don’t know. Since Stumble Upon became Mix, I’ve probably lost about 50% of my traffic and it kills me. After working so hard for several years to build this blog, it’s a little more than frustrating that this outlet is no more.

But blogging comes with peaks and valleys so I’m not giving up. Like all things in life, you get out what you put in. I’ve had my Mix site on auto-pilot, only adding my blog posts most of the time. I researched online to find articles about increasing traffic from Mix and guess what? There aren’t any. And I think there aren’t any because no one knows the answer. I’ve looked on Mix for a Q&A and haven’t found anything there either. I reached out to Mix and asked them several questions pertaining to traffic as well as how to move post/articles from one collection to another.

I decided to explore Mix and take advantage of a few things I wasn’t using. I hope that implementing these components might help with traffic. This is an experiment in the making and could produce 0 results. Until today, I was unaware of a few things I left blank so I took care of it/fixed it. Here is what I did in case you want to try it too. After completing the below, I’ll write a post in 30-40 days to see if it was worth it.

Steps I Took to Improve My Mix Site

  • In my settings, my blog URL was missing. This must have been added after I filled out all my info because I would not have missed that.
  • Mix probably wouldn’t want me to compare them to Pinterest but there are similarities with regards to the structure. While Pinterest has boards, Mix has collections. Around 3 of my collections were marked private. This was incredibly frustrating given that one of the collections had most of my blog posts. Check each of your collections and ensure none of them were accidentally marked private.
  • Mix does recommend that you give your collections interesting names rather than the bland, boring ones so here is what I changed mine to:

Pop Culture –> Poppin’ Pop Culture

Humor –> Pee Your Pants Humor

Parenting –> Parenting Like a Rock Star

  • You can give each collection a description of 240 characters. I’m wording each description as I would a Pinterest board in case this helps with SEO. I’m also using hashtags but I don’t know if you need to. That was one of my questions for Mix.
  • I deleted collections that were created at the recommendation of Mix that only had 1 article. I ended up deleting 4 collections that I knew I would never add to and to clean everything up.
  • My header image was blank until today. I created a header via canva.com. They are amazing and the best thing? There is an amazing free plan!
  • I will be adding other people’s content to my collections. Like I said, I’ve been on auto pilot and haven’t done this.
  • Changing the collection thumbnail to better pictures. Currently you can’t upload a picture. You have to use a picture that is currently on one of the articles/posts within the collection.

Things I Don’t Understand and Emailed Mix About

  • If hashtags are a good idea.
  • How to delete articles/posts. This I feel is helpful when you’ve decided to delete a post. The last thing you want is for readers to click on your site, only to find an empty page.
  • How to move articles/posts from one collection to another. After deleting several collections, the articles/posts moved to a general collection. I want to put those posts in other collections.
  • Why some of my blog posts show a thumbnail image and some do not.

I’m not giving up on Mix. I’m going all in and see if it pays off. If it doesn’t then at least I learned my lesson. How has your experience been with Mix? Are you getting traffic? Do you actively mix articles? I would love to hear from you!



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