My Procrastination Post


This post is purely an attempt to procrastinate from cleaning my house today. So, I’ll need you guys to add lots of comments to keep me busy and away from cleaning today. I know I need to and I will but for now, let me live in the fantasy world that my house will somehow magically clean itself.

We haven’t been home in 3 weekends and my house shows for it. Sure, I could have cleaned after work but honestly, who wants to do that? I don’t get home till 5:50 and the rest of the evening is dinner and/or laundry. I’ve thought about instituting a weekly naked day to cut down on the laundry but it was shot down by all parties involved. Whatever.

So what should we talk about? I know! How my son got grounded for his final report card. Yep, a C- in English. Now I will say he was in 7th grade and this was an 8th grade advanced English class but still. We told him over and over again if he needed help to let us know.

World Cup

My family is huge soccer fans….sorry, football for everyone else outside America. They are currently on the sofa right now, screaming at the tv. Various things that have been screamed have included:



And my personal favorite, though not shouted at the tv:

“He can do that because he’s Icelandic.”

Well, I believe that is it for now. I need to get my ass up and start cleaning.

little women la crying GIF by Lifetime



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