My Dreams This Week


As a child, I would dream every night. When I couldn’t sleep, I would day-dream till I fell asleep, creating little movies in my head. I don’t know what happened but they eventually went away which probably means my sleep went away too. This week however has been completely different. I would love to know why I’m dreaming so much. And more importantly I want to know what my dreams mean. The added bonus? I’ve remembered a huge chunk of my dreams. I hope that a dream expert reads this post and can analyze what the hell is going on in my head!

Sunday Night- San Francisco

Apparently at some point, I ended up in California, having traveled from Ohio. I needed to get back. Before I went back though, I was talking to an adult on the shore of a beach, like they were a child.

Pointing to the Golden Gate Bridge I asked them excitedly, “do you know what that is? That’s the Golden Gate Bridge!”

I remember this person being less than enthused about the bridge. I then realized I needed to get back to Ohio and opened the WAZE app (GPS). Now, I didn’t have a car charger so I had to make my phone last from California to Ohio with an app that can suck my percentage by 10% in about 2 minutes. I began to get horribly frustrated with the app because it was taking me inside homes. These homes were public and I was trying to put my trust in WAZE but each time I did, it led to another home. I was watching the power on my phone die and I was thinking I would never get back to Ohio.

….And scene….I forget the rest…….

Monday Night- New York City

Apparently I was single and had just landed an amazing 1 bedroom apartment in what felt like New York City. I can see why I had this dream because in reality I had watched an hour of Love It or List It on HGTV before bed. In my dream, I was gun-ho on the apartment because there was lots of “space for entertaining”. Famous last words for all HGTV home buyers. Am I right? But my entertainment space was special because it just so happened to have those McDonald tables and chairs that are bolted to the ground (minus the booths, they were all chairs) between the foyer and the kitchen. The whole apartment was white, including the McDonald’s chairs/tables.

Lastly, here is the most ridiculous thing about this dream, James Franco was my boyfriend. This is especially surprising because I do not find him attractive in any way shape or form. I was pissed at him because he had invited all my friends and family over despite not being 100% packed.

…..And scene……I forget the rest

Tuesday- The Airplane

This is the dream I remember the least and probably because I got the least amount of sleep last night. I was on an airplane and I knew I was flying into the John Glenn International Airport (that’s our airport here in Columbus, no we don’t fly on cows). I remember being in the plane but really, other than that, I forget everything.

Kinda’ lame…..I know. So what does it all mean as I would love to know. Obviously I need to travel more or watch a James Franco movie. I don’t know.


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