20 Blog Topics For When You Have Writer’s Block

20 Blog Topics

Well folks, every now and then I get writer’s block. Occasionally I’ll begin writing, stop half way through and announce, “this is really stupid!” DELETE! 

I figure I can’t be the only one so I thought I would write a list of blog topics for when you get your own case of writer’s block. If you have additional topics, throw them in the comments!

Blog Topics For When You Have Writer’s Block

Your love affair or disdain for technology. If you suck at it, even better! Surely there are some funny stories to come of it (a.k.a. texting a racy text to a family chat when it should have been for your husband. Ahem, not that I have experience with that….I’m just giving you an example).

  1. Do you want kids? If so, why? If not, why? How many? What sex?
  2. If you have kids, surely you have advice to bestow on new parents. What is your advice?
  3. Most embarrassing time ever.
  4. Saddest memory ever.
  5. A review of a recent book or movie you’ve watched.
  6. Your playlist (I just did this not so long ago).
  7. People that annoy you the most (I may have to expand on this one later; I feel a topic coming into my head) and why.
  8. Your first trip abroad. What you thought it would be like versus how it actually was.
  9. Your first year of college. Did you booze it up 24/7 or were you a dean’s wet dream?
  10. Adulthood: what you thought it was like as a child versus how it really is.
  11. A how to, no matter how random it may seem.
  12. Screen shots of your spam comments. Then you comment on them. These are always so funny.
  13. I do an “Ass Hole of the Month” when the occasion arises. You could do a _______ of the month.
  14. Interview your favorite blogger.
  15. Ask someone to guest blog for you. By the way, I love to guest blog so if anyone needs a break, I’m your gal!
  16. Pet peeves. I think I’ve done this one a few times.
  17. Your approach to aging. Do you love it? Do you hate it? Are you ready to jump off a bridge?
  18. Tips on blogging.
  19. Who is the one person you would like to meet? Dead or alive and why?
  20. Why you began blogging and how have your views changed around it since your first post?



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