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Hello folks and happy Tuesday! I would like to give you all a survey because I want to know more about you! I think this will be neat to learn about each other! I’ll answer the questions then you guys answer any or all of them in the comments. Read up on your fellow friends so you learn about them too! Here it goes!

  1. How old are you (you can totally lie if you want)? 40…and fabulous!
  2. Do you have kids? If so how many? If you don’t have kids, do you want them someday? 2 amazing boys!
  3. Favorite color? Pink
  4. Favorite movie? Step Brothers
  5. Favorite song? This is an extremely hard one. All time favorite song I think is Janet Jackson’s IF.
  6. Are you a morning person or a night owl? Honestly both.
  7. Where is the 1 place you wish to visit someday? Italy
  8. What game do you love to play? Cards Against Humanity
  9. What social media (if any) do you find most important for your blog? Right now I’m focusing my attentions on Pinterest as I’ve been reading it’s the most important
  10. What is your drink du choix? Cabernet Sauvignon. If I drink more than 1 mixed drink, I’ll have a hangover.
  11. What did you want to be when you grew up. Now that you’re grown up, what are you? I wanted to be an astronaut then as a tweener then a teenager, a Buyer and now I’m a Buyer. It’s not as glamorous as it was made out to be.
  12. Most famous person you’ve ever met? Don’t laugh, Randy Jackson. I didn’t have a sword for him to sign though.
  13. Favorite teacher and why? Madame Watson. She was my French teacher in high school and exuded everything I wanted to be at her age: classy, polished, expert in French, happy….and she drove my dream car. A red Jetta convertible with white interior. It will be mine someday…..someday it will be mine.
  14. How many fur babies do you have? What are their names? Chichi Barbados, still kickin’ at 658 years old.
  15. What is your favorite book? So she is in no way funny to me on her show but I think I’ve read (listened) all her books 3 times each. Chelsea Handler books are off the charts hilarious!!!





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