Hottest Day Of The Year

As many of you are experiencing summer’s wrath, I too am sweating in places I didn’t know had sweat glands. Even now I cringe knowing that when I get up, like a slug, I’ve left my own trail of butt sweat.

Today my sons were invited to a soccer birthday party…indoors.

“Thank God it’s inside,” I said to my husband on the way over. The thermometer clocked in at 91, with humidty it felt like 98.

We arrived right on time. We’d been there a million times and getting there was easy. I look at the front doors and noticed they were propped open. I didn’t find this odd as things were probably being carted in. Then I walked in to find they were open for an even bigger reason: the air conditioning was broken. Yes, broke. The fans they had going were useless, I was getting hungry and bordering on a headache. There were only 3 parents there because the smart ones took off for 2 hours to sit in air conditioned cars.

When I announced I would be doing the same, my husband looked at me as if I had just said I was abandoning the children. If I stayed, I wouldn’t be able to see anything anyway as the sweat would probably be dripping in my eyes…..


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