Homemade Face Masks- 2 Pattern Resources

home made mask

My good friend sent me a link about how a local government in Indiana are calling on people who sew to make masks. While not ideal, it’s better than nothing and would be used when supplies have been exhausted. I went on the CDC website and it’s true:


So I’ve decided to make masks. I’ve made an incredibly simple one (9 of them actually) and one that is much more complex. I’ll give you guys the links and the pros and cons of both:

The Simple Mask

easy mask

Link: Simple Mask


  • Super simple to make
  • Children can help cut out 6″x9″ rectangles
  • Large quantities can be made quickly
  • Takes just minutes to sew
  • Requires little fabric
  • Minimal sewing experience needed (if you can sew a straight line you can do this mask)


  • Offers the least amount of protection
  • I feel like the elastic may be too loose and should be cut down to maybe 6″ in lieu of 7″
  • Does not fit incredible tight

The More Complex Mask

complex mask

Link: YouTube Tutorial


  • The added wire offers a more snug fit around the nose, providing additional protection
  • Offers an overall snug fit around the mouth, up to the ears
  • Made with 2 very contrasting colors on each side should the HCP need to wear it more than once
  • Requires little fabric


These take probably triple the amount of time (now that I know how to make this though, it will go much faster I think)

Some seamstresses may deem this still easy. But for me, I haven’t sewn in a few years so I’m approaching this as intermediate sewing skills needed.

You can’t pump out the quantities as fast as the easier mask

If You Run Out of Elastic

Like toilet paper and antibacterial, I can’t find elastic anywhere. Sure, I can find the 2″ wide but unless you have abnormally large ears, that’s not going to work. So here is a list of things you can use in place of elastic:

  • hair elastics
  • headbands
  • ribbon
  • piping
  • cutting material into strips
  • paracord

And you may not sew but I bet you know of one person that does. Send this post to them so they can access the links!

**PSA FOR TROLLS I am fully aware that homemade masks do not offer the same protection of an N95 mask for example. I am making these masks just in case all PPE has been exhausted and the medical community asks for them. I hope they don’t need them but if they do, I’ll have some to give.





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