I Swear I’m Alive


I swear I’m alive folks. My youngest was sick for a few days then I have not been feeling well for the past few days. You know that feeling where you think you are getting sick and everything just feels like “bleh” to you? I’m at that point. I’ve also been super tired. I feel like I’ve slept more in the past 3 days, then a bear hibernating for the winter. My skin looks great though because of this. Yes, I did pull the vein card. Anyway, I’m going to consider this past week a bust and next week will be a bang! Maybe I should run a contest like my Oprah one again, sometime next week. Hmmmm……that might be a good idea! Anyway, see you guys again, starting tomorrow!


bears GIF

P.S. My son is interested in seeing the 1993 movie Alive. Should I let him? If you recall, it’s where the rugby teammates eat another teammate to stay alive. I know it’s haunted me for decades after watching it.

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