Contest Time: Win A $25 Amazon Gift Card!

writing contest

This is my first contest and it will be totally awesome or the worst thing I’ve ever done. I may totally jack this up so sorry in advance.

For a $25 electronic Amazon Gift Card, here is what I want you to answer in 400 words or less:

What would you tell Oprah Winfrey?

Why Oprah? Random as fuck, I know. I am looking for a comedic/straight-up humorous approach. If the story calls for 4-letter words then use them! E-mail me your conversation with Oprah at [email protected]! This way I’ll have your e-mail address to e-mail you the gift card, should you win.

Da’ rules:

  • 400 words or less.
  • I’ll take entries till June 14, 2017/11 p.m. eastern standard time. One entry per person, not per blog.
  • I’ll post all the responses on June 15, 2017. If the responses are bigger than expected, I’ll break it up into more than 1 blog post. Feel free to link to the post to show your readers what an amazing storyteller you are. On June 17th, 2017 I’ll announce the winner and re-blog their awesome story. Hopefully by that evening, you’ll be selecting your awesome little nugget on
  • Once you submit your entry, they become mine….all mine….to do whatever I want with (que evil cackle)!

So get creative everyone! I have so many creative people/great storytellers following my blog and I know you can do it! Oprah, if you are listening, you can chime in on the stories and which one is your fav!

I want to know what you would tell Oprah. I know what I would tell her: I need a new car.


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