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Blogging Opinion


O.k., so I’m really thinking about testing the waters and adding a vlog to my blog. Not daily, maybe just once a week, if that. Essentially it would be an extension of the topics I normally discuss here. Unfortunately, my knowledge of creating a vlog is left to chapter 7 of Blogging For Dummies. I shit you not, I have that book. I also have WordPress For Dummies too. Have any of you done a vlog? Do you have any tips at all? Should I avoid it like the plague?

Since I’m thinking about it, I’ve semi-jokingly asked my friends to be a part of the vlogs. You can remember their fine performance in: Travel Soccer= Booze Fest. They make me laugh till I cry and I think they may have the same impact on you guys. Oh and by the way, I came out of the closet. No, I’m not a lesbian. I finally told them about my blog and like the hot messes they are, they accepted me with open arms. I’m home…..I’m really, really home.

If I did a vlog, what topics would we cover? Wine/adult beverage would definitely be involved, in fact that would make it that more amazing. I’m leaning towards discussing oddities of the world such as this. Or just complaining about stuff we all have to endure like zits on wrinkles (Oh that’s just me? Fantastic), thinking about loosing weight or parenting. Oh, and I just had this other idea, I could interview my favorite bloggers via Skype, if they would have me! Would you be down with that? An adult beverage may be mandatory though.

Bloggy Conference

Also, I posted this last year and I think I was too new to attend. This September, I am hell-bent on going to the Bloggy Conference in Sandusky, Ohio. Now wait, before you guys shit on Sandusky, it’s famous for the movie Tommy Boy (ok maybe famous is a stretch) but it has one of the largest amusement parks in America. In fact, the conference is at the amusement park’s historic hotel that overlooks the lake-Hotel Breakers. I swear it’s just like the ocean just minus the waves. I’m going! Who’s with me? I think this would be an amazing girls trip! It’s about a 3 hr drive for me and there are a ton of wineries, a beautiful beach and an island to explore. Here is the link: Bloggy Conference. Think about it……..

Blog Theme

And lastly, thinking about changing my theme. I feel like my blog doesn’t have enough nooks and crannies. Now I don’t mean tacky. Let’s be real, my blog isn’t going to look like a Macy’s landing page, I just want more pages. I am exploring options so if you have theme recommendations, I am all ears.

Well, I think that is all. Have a great evening all!


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