Happy Middle Name Pride Day

Middle Name

When coming up with our sons’ names and searching every book of baby names, we understood that their first name was the one free thing we could give them that could potentially help or hurt their futures. You can’t tell me that someone with the name Octopus, is treated the same as Jack. Tanqueray versus Amy. People aren’t suppose to judge a book by its cover but they do.

That being said, we’re Italian and coming up with some majorly Italian names for Parker, our first-born. I mean, we were dripping olive oil. Every time we came up with a new name, we couldn’t help but cringe at the shortening of the names. I mean, if he didn’t sound like a mobster, he was going to sound like a meat cutter at the local meat market:

Vincenzo = Vinny

Salvatore = Sal

Rocco = Well….no shortening but you catch my drift.

We loved Salvatore so we settled on Salvatore as his middle name. No one really shortens middle names. For our youngest, we chose Carter. Looking back on it, this may have not been the best decision as when I get mad at them or yell for them, it usually comes out sounding like this:

“Parker…no Carter! Whatever we’re calling you! PARTER! Get down here now!”

My Middle Name is Awful

Amy Schumer once said in her act that Google should be in the delivery room and offer suggestions when parents announce they are naming their baby daughter Juicy. Google: “Did you mean, Julie?”

So my middle name is Clorinda. Yes, Clorinda. Sounds like Clorox, doesn’t it? My husband likes my middle name and calls me Chloe which I really like and don’t mind at all. I’m all for unique names but come one!

Happy Middle Name Pride Day!

So in recognition of the name that gets the least amount of attention and because it’s middle name pride day, let’s play a game! Respond in the comments with what your middle name is and if you like it. If you could choose any other name on Earth, what would you chose? It’s your turn! Go!


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