I’m Updating My Blog!

updating my blog!

The last time I made a huge change to my blog was when I decided to go to self-hosting. The worst case scenario happened and I lost all of my readers. I did however gain them back once I worked with WordPress to fix. That was pretty much a nightmare.

So now I’ve decided to change my WordPress theme and I’m scared AF! It’s served me well but is pretty plain Jane and I want more on my blog. Don’t worry, it’s not going to turn into a Macy’s site, that website has wwaaayyyy too much going on. I get over stimulated just looking at it. No, I just want to be able to display my categories, my Instagram feed and most importantly, allow readers to access the blog posts easier.

After watching a tutorial on branding, the chick in the video suggested Creative Market. And now, I recommend Creative Market.

“What’s Creative Market Hot Mess?”

Glad you asked. It’s like a digital Etsy and it’s magical. People far more creative than me, have website templates, logos and all sorts of designs available on this marketplace. After combing through 17 pages of different blog layouts, I found the perfect one. Or at least I hope it’s the perfect one! I’m also going to be using it to take care of my never-ending quest for the perfect logo.

If you guys want to check it out, I found a coupon code that works and I saved 20% on my theme: moz_20off. Full disclosure, I have no idea how long that code is good for but I wanted to offer it in case you guys want to buy anything.

So, I am letting you guys know that I am flipping my blog to a new design for the first time. If over the next few days I fall off the radar or something is funky on my blog, that is why. I’ve never done this before and could potentially jack it all up. Once I get the new one up, you’re reading it one day and notice anything funky, I would love for you to drop me a line! Wish me luck folks!


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