My Message to Las Vegas

Victims of this tragedy, you are in my prayers tonight. Every person impacted by this today, tomorrow and all of eternity, I am so sorry. There are no words for this.

I applaud each and every person that showed bravery during this tragedy. Some heroes risked their own lives to insure others would live. I heard one guy in his 50’s thought to himself that he had a good life and these kids were only in their 20’s. He then proceeded to shield them with his body. Amazing!

I pray that God will give the doctors, nurses, counselors and anyone healing the wounded, the strength to carry on when they feel like they can’t. I can’t imagine the stress of keeping people alive and when you can’t, breaking the news to the family. What empathy you must have! For all the moms and dads, saying good-bye to family members for possibly days, I pray your family rallies around you, knowing you are the reason the lucky will go home to loved ones.

I am so sorry for all the relatives that lost loved ones. Yesterday and today, parents lost their children, children lost their parents, spouses lost the love of their lives and friends lost friends. There is no other pain on Earth than loosing someone you love.

And finally, for the horrific cunt on the fleck of a turd that is responsible for this tragedy, I trust you are being tortured in Hell right now. If there was a word worst than cunt, I would use it. May you feel the pain of every single life you hurt yesterday, every single second, of all eternity. If there was something worst than that, It would still be too good for you. I hate you.

American hearts break tonight.

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