Let Me Write For You!

I really love writing and really love making people laugh. It comes pretty easy when I’m writing about the ridiculousness I seem to always run in to or the hot messes we all tend to encounter on a day-to-day basis.

If you need a blogger and appreciate my honest, comedic approach, let’s talk!

Hot Mess Rate

I promise, if I were a trust fund baby, I would do this for free. After I was done instructing my pool boy to use the Sierra Mist flavored chlorine, I would sit down and type until you had everything you needed. But alas, I’m not rich and must charge. Let’s chat about the rates. Drop me a line at hotmess@hotmessmemoir.com.

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Guest Posts 

I don’t charge my blogging friends that I’ve developed a relationship with! If you’re in need of a guest post, just e-mail me! I love doing them! We can work out the details via e-mail.

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