Congratulations! You’re the Most Oblivious Person on Earth

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I was watching a video of Trey Kennedy on Facebook who is incredibly funny just now. He was reviewing a tweet by Kim Kardashian-West. What he read was mind-boggling to me so I decided to mosey on over to Twitter to have a look.

Kim Kardashian 1

I’m currently pinching the skin between my eyes, head down shaking my head. In what reality did this airhead wake up and think posting this would be a good idea? Look around you Kim! If you haven’t noticed, the world’s kinda a dumpster fire right now. Look, I’m all for a little drunk Facebooking, only to realize I was drunk on Facebook by the number of comments and messages I received the next morning.

It’s Your Money

It’s her money and she can do whatever she wants with it. Thanks to this being America, I have a voice and I can do whatever I want with it as well. Kim, go crazy with your money. Send your dog along with the dogs of all those closest friends to a private island next to your private island. Purchase a ticket to be a passenger on Space X. Better yet, purchase a ticket for your fitted sheet to be a passenger on Space X. Air condition your backyard for all I care but if you want to keep a shred of class, don’t post shit like this. There are 2 things I remember when I see things like this and what I’ve told my sons on more than one occasion:

  • Money doesn’t buy class.
  • You can have all the money in the world but that will never buy natural talent.

But She Doesn’t Shut Up

But to really make all the unemployed and sick feel better, she doesn’t shut up. She continues with this nugget:

Kim Kardashian 2

Why didn’t she just say, “all of you aren’t rich but I am. Awesome to be me; sucks to be you.” And what’s with the hashtag #thisis40? Bisch, that isn’t 40. Nothing you explained in this idiotic post describes what being 40 is. You want to know what 40 is?

40 is:

  • Looking at your 401k online then the “tip” to the left catches your eye. It says, “a good rule of thumb is to have 4 times your annual income by the time you’re 45.” I looked back at my 401k and realized I have approximately 2.5 months of retirement saved.
  • Finding a zit on a wrinkle and trying to figure out if I need Oil of Olay or Oxy pads.
  • Sitting in a certain position too long to have to “walk it out” as you get up.
  • Not knowing how you’ll get a decent meal on the table, kids picked up from soccer practice, dishwasher unloaded and the dog walked before she shits on the floor and that’s after 8 hours in the office and a 40-minute commute each way.

That post is so outlandish I question if it was a stunt to get more attention. I guess I just can’t wrap my head around the lack of empathy and audacity to post that. Even in good times, this is a shitty ass post.

I cannot wait for her apology. It will be the typical Hollywood apology, created by a spin doctor, dripping with undertones of sorry, not sorry. Hell, it will probably be based off a template they keep in their office for the daily fuck ups of all their clients:

Dear Followers,

I’m sorry for the insensitive nature of yesterday’s post about my 40th birthday. My intentions were not to make light of the current pandemic but to spread hope and love to the world. My intentions were to be a role model for little girls across the nation that if they work hard and believe in themselves, they too can fly all of their friends to a private island to attend the party I threw in my honor. #inthistogether #blessings

So that is my rant this evening. I thought about labeling this post October’s Ass Hole of the Month but I opted for the oblivious route. Well if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to head on over to Twitter and express my disdain for that post.


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