Why Do People Wear a Mask in Their Car?

wear a mask

I seriously want to know, why do people wear masks in their car….alone? I excuse anyone I see coming out of a parking lot because they probably just forgot to take it off. I’ve done that on more than one occasion. What I can’t excuse is anyone coming out of my development wearing one. You look super stupid.

hair cut

Me, last night, getting my hair cut…finally!

And why would you want to wear one any more than you have to? I wore one for 2 straight hours last night to get my hair highlighted and cut and it sucked. Side note, do you know I haven’t gotten my hair cut or highlighted since January? I know, I was appalled too! My salon serves wine but they serve them in coffee cups which is odd but who am I to judge?

Other Stupid Ways of Using a Mask

Yesterday in training at work, I seriously thought about taking my mask and placing it over my eyes, I was so Goddamn bored. Understanding that placing a mask over one’s eyes may be frowned upon, I continued to feign interest while checking my stocks from time to time (I’ll tell you guys about that later) on my phone. I had never really thought about it but I guess you could use your mask as a sleeping mask if push came to shove?

But seriously, sometimes I honestly cringe when I see people wearing their mask where’s it’s not even covering their nostrils but bouncing up and down under their nostrils. People, that completely defeats the purpose. Not to mention, what if they haven’t washed their masks and if there have been any germs fly their way and it’s on their mask and now they’re just inhaling it? I mean, that could happen right?

Wear a Mask Damn It!

Look, I know there are thousands if not millions of people out there thinking “I ain’t wearin’ no mask”. For the love of God, we need to get over this pandemic which means your stubborn ass needs to wear a mask! You think I like wearing a mask? I’m getting more acne which is super, especially when I get a zit on a wrinkle. I get hot in them, especially in the last ten minutes of my grocery shopping. I don’t wear lipstick anymore thus when I’m in my cube at work and can take the thing off, I essentially look like 50 Shades of Pale.

So there’s my PSA. Stop being stubborn, wear the f’ing mask and let’s get 2020 over and done with.



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