My Attempt at Scam Letter

scam letter

Now, this should go without saying, I would never, ever attempt to send a letter to scam someone. This is just my attempt to write a fake letter and see how it goes. Yesterday, I posted a few scam letters I received in my email and how ridiculous the body of the email is. I’m out to create the most ridiculous one yet. Sadly, based on the number of stupid people in this world, someone would probably fall for it.

Dear Relative,

I am your long lost aunt Karen Conacon from Oklahoma, and I’m dead. I’m sending this via Gmail or as we like to refer to it, Ghost mail. I have decided to bequeath you the sum of $1,000,000 in the form of beanie babies, 2 of which are Princess Diana beanie babies. Though I wanted to be buried with all my beanie babies surrounding me in my coffin, I chose to allow them to be inherited by relatives.

But the problem is, I don’t have any relatives. I thought that until I took a DNA test and you came up in the results. In order to make the transfer of beanie babies, my lawyer will need the following information:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Social Security
  • Blood Type
  • One Credit Card number for verification purposes (please include expiration and 3-digit code on back)
  • Spouse or significant other’s name
  • Spouse or significant other’s social security

Once you email this info to me, the lawyer can distribute my beloved beanie babies. You will have to sell all the beanie babies but I’ve been told they’re worth like a million dollars. If you choose to keep them then may they bring many years of happiness to you as they did me.

I hope your health is fine and that you understand what a gift I am bestowing on you.

God bless,

Aunt Karen

Ok, that was ridiculously stupid. As I was writing it, I can’t believe someone would A. write up such non-sensical e-mail and B. someone be dumb enough to actually fall for it. I just added the dead-part because honestly, the ones I’ve received aren’t that far off.

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