Back to School Essentials for Boys

back to school essentials

As a mother of 2 boys, I’m tired of them always getting shafted with regards to clothing, accessories and yes, back to school options. For example, you walk into any given big box store and go to the girl’s section. There’s waiters handing out champagne to the mothers and mocktini’s to the girls. A carefully curated playlist plays softly in the background while mothers and daughters browse the 15 umbrella options. Meanwhile, you go to the boy’s department and it looks like a Moscow grocery store in the eighties. There’s one lone shirt swaying in the wind and a tumbleweed blows past your legs.

I was on Pinterest this morning and if you query back to school essentials for girls, a plethora of themed guides come up: unicorns, sequins, pink and gold color themes. Basically, anything a little girl could ever want. If you type in back to school essentials for boys, there’s JACK-SQUAT. In fact, one of the girly themes popped up for the boys back to school. Almost like the algorithms felt sorry for boys and threw them a bone.

So each Monday, I’m going to post a guide* specific to boys, up until school starts in 3 weeks. I’m going the extra mile and having my sons approve my selections as they are 10 and 14. Approved by boys, for boys. Let’s get started!

Back to School Essentials for Boys

boys back to school essentials

1. Puma Backpack $20.99 This backpack is great because it’s under $25 and is a darker color so when it’s dropped 200 times in the grass, waiting for the bus, it won’t look as dirty!

2. Earbuds $7.99 Almost each year, my sons are required to have earbuds but you know eventually they’ll probably loose them. At just $7.99, it won’t be the end of the world if they are lost.

3. Nike Lanyard $12.99 For some school districts, you must wear your id at all times. Why not have a slick one?

4. Pencil Sharpener $5.80 I love the bright options of this pencil sharpener! Again, through the sea of unicorn pencil sharpeners, I found one that any boy would proudly place in their pencil pouch!

5. Case It Mighty Zip Binder $24.89 My oldest used his binder last year religiously! We choose this one for several reasons: it’s under $25, it has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, there’s a handle and shoulder strap, tabbed sections and a built-in pencil pouch.

6. Mr. Pen Pencil/Pen Pouch $6.99 Isn’t it wonderful when you get 2 of something for like nothing? We’re loving this brand Mr. Pen. I hadn’t heard of Mr. Pen till I was putting this guide together but I’m loving their fun stuff! These pencil pouches are suitable for binders as there are 3 rings and are made of sturdy canvas!

7. Water Bottle $11.98 My sons are allowed to bring a water bottle. This one is affordable and smart with an every last drop angled straw and a protective spout cover to keep the H2O clean!

8. Mr. Pen Erasers $6.95 So for $6.95, you get 24 individually wrapped Mr. Pen erasers. And I must say, these look super cool. Buy it once and that’s one thing you don’t have to buy again for several years.

9. Puma Lunch Box $12.22 Insulated on the inside, there’s also a zipper mesh area to keep the ice block or cutlery! I think it adds instant street cred to any lunchroom!

10. Academic Planner $5.99 This planner is perfect for teaching your son responsibility and a super-easy way to remember projects and homework. The planner starts in July so if there are summer assignments or summer school, this planner covers both!

So have you bought your back to school essentials yet? Do you love doing it with your kids or dread it? I’ve always loved this time of year! Happy shopping!

*This post contains affiliate links which means if you purchase anything from the above link, I may receive a commission. This is at no cost to you! 


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