All Aboard the Amazon Train; Next Stop? Prime Day

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Look, I’ll be the first one to say I absolutely love Amazon. If I have shitty customer service, I’ll be the first to write about it. Hell, I even have a category lovingly named Examples of Poor Customer Service. But I really can’t say that I’ve had a bad experience. Also, it’s a bit more personal for me with an Amazon fulfillment center, the size of 14 football fields, one mile from my house. In February, Amazon donated $10,000 to our tiny school system. This past May, they came to my 10-year-old’s school to explain the shipping process of a teddy bear and gave all the children these amazing, Amazon water bottles. This post contains Amazon Affiliate links meaning basically if you click on one of those links and purchase something, I will get a commission.

What is Prime Day(s)?

Prime day is an annual shopping holiday. It started today and will run for 48 hours. If you’re a Prime member, you get exclusive, huge savings on a ton of stuff. Think of it like the black Friday of July and you guys know how much I love black Friday.

Benefits of a Prime Membership

There are a ton of benefits to Prime membership, many that I think some aren’t aware of. Here’s a brief list of the perks:

  • 2 day delivery on over a million items with no minimum. Hell, order that spatula you’ve had your eye on! This service is priceless around the holidays and birthdays!
  • TONS…..and I mean TONS of shows and movies, including my most favorite, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.
  • Unlimited reading. I didn’t even know this was a thing till just now. OMG! This includes magazines, comics and children’s books. You don’t need a Kindle, just the Kindle app!
  • Prime Music- this is great because I can listen to all my music and it’s included. There are also radio stations based on genre. So oftentimes, I’m listening to the Pink station but when I’m stressed, I turn on a classical music station.
  • Photo storage- store unlimited photos with your Amazon Prime membership!

So if you’re not enticed by the membership alone, let me entice you with a few deals that are exclusive to Prime members for Prime day:

Echo Show

  • Price: $89.99
  • Prime Day Price: $49.99






Echo Dot (3rd Generation)

  • Price: $49.99
  • Prime Day Price: $22.00






PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Console

  • Price: $447.43
  • Prime Day Price: $229.99



So do you guys have a Prime membership? If so, what are you waiting for! Get on over to Amazon and start shopping! Christmas is right around the corner!

*This post contains affiliate links which means if you click on them and make a purchase, I may earn a commission.


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