Butt Nuggets & Other Awful Things For Sale on Facebook

Butt nugget

butt nuggetFarm Fresh Butt Nuggets

Do we have any chicken breeders reading this? Farmers? Because I need to know if butt nugget is another name for eggs? I posed this question to my husband, my friends and another parent at the soccer tournament. I mean, I guess eggs come out from down under but they don’t come from a chicken’s butt, right? My friend provided me with this helpful screen shot:

butt nuggets

Ok, so from the Uban Dictionary, it is what it sounds like. My son and I decided to have a little fun with butt nugget and proceeded to make this 8 second video while we waited on my other son’s soccer game to begin:

free shoesSelling for a Friend

This really is an amazing friend. A friend that is not only willing to take time out of their busy schedule to sell something but to ensure you receive top dollar for your used goods. What you don’t see from this post is there are several pictures of jeans, shirts, etc., that this “friend” is selling for free. I can hear it now:

“Jaime ate the last Girl Scout cookie? Oh hell no! I’ll show that bitch….”

And before you know it, Amy’s selling all of Jaime’s clothes. Like Jaime’s her roommate and thought the Girl Scout cookie was for anyone. Meanwhile, Amy’s selling all her clothes, out of the back of a Hyundai.

Chocolate Pedicure Brand New

So a chocolate pedicure sounds kinda’ amazing. Like you eat chocolate while they moisturize your feet in chocolate? I don’t know. It sounds like a pedicure they would offer in Las Vegas for like $300. Anyway, a pet peeve of mine is when people don’t pay attention to their autocorrect. You’ve got to make sure it’s the right word. Besides, I am not buying any sort of food or drink on Facebook for my kids to ingest.

chocolate pedicure

expired foodExpired Food

And similar to the Pedisure, someone attempted to sell, why on Earth would you sell expired food? Nay, you aren’t even selling it; you’re giving it away. Do you think there’s a group of people out there with the digestive system of a landfill and won’t get food poisoning? And the expired food is so random: Pedialyte, Almond Milk and 2 bottles of cocktail sauce? Oh, I get it! After you vomit from the expired almond milk, you’ll need the Pedialyte to avoid dehydration. Again, it’s sketchy enough to buy food from a Facebook selling wall, let alone, food that is admittingly expired!


“Porceleion” Dolls

SMH….first of all, take 5 seconds to Google how to spell porcelain, second, this is so f’ing creepy. This is one of my worst nightmares. Maybe if you’re putting together a low budget horror film, then great, these dolls are perfect. But come on, all these creepy dolls at once is just too much to handle.


pads and tampons


Pads & Tampons

Because when I’m shopping for my menstruating needs, I make sure to hit up The Facebook. What the hell? Why are people selling stuff like this on Facebook? Did you just hit menopause? Did you have no one to give this stuff to? God! And normally if you buy something on Facebook, you usually try the good out first. Does the buyer rip open one of these packages, run to the Tim Horton’s restroom and try it out? It’s just absolutely baffling to me.




Pollo Con Tajadas Y Soda

left oversSo I have no idea what Pollo Con Tajadas Y Solda is and that’s fine. I think the first word in chicken? What I will say is it looks like someone literally opened up their doggie bag container to reveal what they couldn’t finish last night. If you’re promoting your business could you at least make it look a little more appealing? Maybe place the items on a nice place and add some garnish? The whole insides-of-a-zombie from Walking Dead is pretty gross!

Why do these people put this up for sale? Out of everything I have in this post, would you buy any of it?















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