So I’m Not the Only Parent Ignored by Their Teenager?

Washington DC

So my 13-year-old is off to Washington DC for his school trip. They left Thursday and will return at the ass-crack of dawn, Monday morning. I didn’t expect much communication from him and that’s ok as their schedule is ridiculous. I did however expect 1 or 2 pictures daily. You know, maybe proof of life or pics as a thank you for how much this cost. I’ve been ignored now for a solid 36 hours. But I’m not alone. Yesterday morning, one of the parents started a Facebook group that allowed chaperones to post pictures and parents to post pictures, should they actually receive some from their kids. We did receive several pics but the group quickly became a support group for all of us who are being completely ignored as request for pics are denied. The posts are HILARIOUS and makes me realize I’m not the only one (though I’ve felt like that for some time now). For privacy, I’ve removed all names, faces and profile pics. Enjoy the journey of neglect….

On the way to Washington DC

Washington DC 19


Washington DC 18

Washington DC 17

The best text of the night!

Washington DC 16


Washington DC 15


I love that she called her child a brat!

Washington DC 14


Washington DC 13

I fell off my chair in laughter with this one….

Washington DC 12

Saw this more than once, apparently it’s “weird” to send pics?

Washington DC 11

I can’t even handle what this child sent their mom on the way to the capital

Washington DC 10


Washington DC 9

I too considered black male and/or groundation for a hot second

Washington DC 8


Washington DC 7

Look how this kid answered about sending pictures

Washington DC 6

Had to give props

I had to give props to all of these posts. I was dying! The excuses they had were priceless!

Washington DC 5

Share affection for you? LOL!

Washington DC 4

One of the few lucky (loved) parents

Washington DC 3


Washington DC 2


Washington DC 1

Did you not love these as much as I did? I bet those kids have no idea that this group exists and how we are collectively longing for pictures from Washington D.C. Do you have a teenager or did? Did your kids go on a school trip and send 0 pics?

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