9 Horrible, Terrifying, Crappy Jobs

horrible job

As one goes on a job search, I’m sure they have a list of jobs they would never go for as their career. Whether it be a part time job or a full time job, there are some places you know you would be completely miserable in and you deem a crappy job. I’m not looking for a job but if I were, below are ones that I would NEVER want!

Person Responsible for Picking Out the Hotel Porn Selection

When this is your job, what do you look for? Plot? Fine acting? Bang for your buck(hey, is that a title?)? And was the job advertised that would be your job? I think these are very valid questions.

Bathroom attendants

When you walk into a public restroom where someone has clearly dropped something fierce in a stall, you know there’s an end in sight. The bathroom attendant on the other hand, has to sit there and breathe it in. Do you think they go nose blind? For their own sanity, I hope so.


Full disclosure, I had to Google butt doctor. I knew it was a thing but for the life of me, couldn’t remember the name. That being said, how can you do normal things after a day at the office? Licking BBQ sauce off your fingers? Shaking hands? Making your children’s lunches? I would just always look at their hands in disgust.


I’ve never looked up how much a Podiatrist makes but my guess is it’s decent. That being said, I would NEVER want to have to look at feet all day. Even the prettiest feet are disgusting. The only type of feet I can stand are baby feet and that’s before they can walk and get foot fungus.


If you want to be constantly rejected, chose this job. That would be soul sucking to have to call people whose eye rolls are palpable through the speaker of the phone. My luck, I’d get a lonely person and they would just want to talk.

Any job at Wal-Mart

I think I would take any other job listed here than work at Wal-Mart. I’ve never pretended to enjoy the halls of the mart, much less work there. It takes a special kind of crazy to don the blue vest.

Disney Princess

What’s your end game with this career, is what I want to ask. Can you go into a job interview and say with a straight face you were a Disney princess? No, you can’t. And if there are any Disney Princesses reading this, I’ve got news for you. Disney will cut you the second you weigh more than 110 pounds and your face begins to plump. I know, I used to be Snow White. I kid, I kid.

Window Washer of Skyscrapers

I’m not super afraid of heights however this job seems terrifying. You are placed on a platform and dangled down by rope. I’m sure there are new ones out there that are essentially like an elevator, but still! I wouldn’t get on one of those things….unless someone paid me 1 million dollars.

Esthetician that have to do Brazilians

When I once received a Brazilian, my Esthetician asked that I flop over on my front. I decided then and there that had to be one of the worst jobs ever. It takes a special person to inflict such pain in the lady garden. I have a list of what I deem the most painful. There’s child-birth then #2 is a Brazilian wax. Dear God that shit is painful.

So what are the jobs you told yourself you would NEVER take?





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