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Schitt's Creek

I absolutely love the hit comedy sitcom Schitt’s Creek. Like legit, I want to eat, sleep and breath Schitt’s Creek. Just to give you an idea of how much I love this show, I’m going to make a t-shirt that says EW DAVID. Once you binge this show, you’ll get it. The last shirt I made was an homage to The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, which I love! Also, it’s very rare that a comedy enters my top 10 as my threshold to comedy is extremely high. Schitt’s Creek has easily done this! You can binge watch Schitt’s Creek on Netflix or find it on the POP channel.

The Characters

There are 4 main characters, Johnny, Moira, Alexis and David Rose. You may remember Moira Rose as the mom on Home Alone. Johnny Rose is played by Eugene Levy, mostly known for his role as Jim’s father in American Pie. The lackadaisical adult children, Alexa and David Rose, are played by Annie Murphy and Daniel Levy.

Schitt’s Creek Plot

The Rose’s are filthy rich. Not just I need granite counter tops in the kitchen rich, but mansion, private jets, and couture rich. Moira is a retired daytime soap opera actress. Johnny is the president and CEO of the second largest video chain in North America. The pilot opens with agents raiding their decadent house while the Rose’s try to understand what’s happening.

All assets are seized with the exception of one. They are allowed to keep the small town of Schitt’s Creek, that Johnny purchased for David in the 90’s as a joke. Used to living in a palatial estate, the Rose’s are now reduced to living at the Schitt’s Creek Motel.

Wilson Sporting Goods Wow GIF by Wilson TennisGoing to Blow Your Mind

I’m about to blow your mind. Eugene and Daniel Levy who play the father and son in the show are really father and son in real life! But there’s more! Eugene and Daniel created this show. But there’s more! Eugene and Daniel are credited for writing 60 episodes! But wait, there’s more! Tywla Sand, the waitress in each episode, is Eugene’s daughter and Daniel’s sister!

Why It Works

The stars have aligned for this show. Normally when I sit down for a show, I’m quickly disappointed and a lot has to do with one or all of the following:

  • Too perfect of a home. The decorating or size of home is not conducive for the waitress and teacher’s salary yet it looks like a show room at West Elm.
  • Too perfect characters. Years ago the show Whitney came out. And though everything was awful, I found it hard to believe this beautiful woman was having such an awful time.
  • Contrived comedy. OMG, this absolutely kills it for me. What I mean by contrived comedy is when a “funny scene” is so blatantly obvious by injecting lazy humor. Here’s an example in Bad Moms: When Mila Kunis is wrapping Christmas gifts and it has duct tape on it and it looks as if a toddler wrapped it. Waaayyyyy too contrived. Why not have her wrap like a normal person but because she forgot tape at the store, she’s using a hot glue gun as a substitute to the tape?

Between Moira, Alexis and David, one wonders how this family kept themselves alive this long. Then you have Johnny who clearly is the “ah-ha” to that answer. He’s the one wrangling in all the ridiculousness his family throws at him.

And the ridiculousness that makes me laugh is the acting! Catherine O’Hara has invented a new type of accent but its consistent and distinct enough to fit perfectly. It’s like a cross between if Downton Abbey and Zoolander had a child.

Daniel and Annie play socialites like its second nature. Couple the use of words like brave and on-brand with their facial expressions and hand gestures; and you feel like a fly on the wall. Often times, we are regaled by Alexis Rose and her international shenanigans. While David can be found reminiscing about an art exhibit he hosted.

I can’t convey how much I love this show. I wish it aired 52 weeks of the year and was an hour-long. New episodes can be found on the POP channel. Check local listings for day and time.





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