A New Way to Filter Water Via Your Water Bottle

Swell Water Bottle

My adorbs water bottle!

So as you guys may or may not know, I’m a huge fan of S’well water bottles. For my last birthday, my husband bought me a super cute one from Starbucks. I use it every single day! Normally, I pour filtered water from my Brita filtered water pitcher into my bottle.

But 2 weeks ago, we noticed the water in our toilet had a brown tint to it. We live in the suburbs of the suburbs of Columbus which has seen a ton of growth, especially with Amazon being a half a mile away. They are always busting pipes and I just figured it was another busted pipe. Brown water in the toilet is one thing but when I pulled my pitcher out to refill my bottle and it was brown, it kinda freaked me out. It also made me question how much is actually being filtered if the brown stuff got through. Ewww……

It was about this time that Dr. Rakesh Guduru, president of Microlyscs, LLC. reached out to me about promoting his new product- CrazyCap. It’s so new that production hasn’t even begun yet. I was intrigued and wanted to tell you guys about it and see if you’d be interested too! 

What CrazyCap Does

CrazyCap fits onto your S’well (or any bottle that are the same dimensions) water bottle and with the use of UVC-LED light-rays, sterilizes up to 99.9999% of mold and bacteria and 99.99% sterilization of viruses. You can see why I wanted to look into this considering our drinking water was brown. The water company said the water was safe but then again, didn’t Detroit say the same thing?

And if you guys are like me, I don’t feel like I’m getting a bottle clean if I can’t physically touch the inside bottom of the bottle. This is when I wish I had long, skinny arms/hands that would fit down my water bottle. But I would look like a deformed T.Rex, and I’m not about that. This cap would take care of that.

How CrazyCap Works

crazy cap 1You replace your bottle cap with CrazyCap. Press the touch sensor, wait 2 minutes and you have perfectly filtered water. That’s it! You only have to charge the cap about 12 times a year.

CrazyCap will be available for pre-order on Kickstarter, mid-January. On their website, it says that super early birds can get CrazyCap for 60% off the $95 retail price. I’ve already signed up to stay updated so I can get my CrazyCap at a discounted rate.

So what do you guys think? Could you use something like this? I would love to hear your thoughts on it!

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