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Hey Alexa!

I have no idea why we decided to do this, obviously Carter and I were bored, yesterday morning. I turned the Alexa to French and attempted communication with the 3 words of French I know. Obviously this proved futile as she didn’t understand me, the first go around. Here is the short 3 minute video of us playing around with Alexa!

P.S. I’m burning that dress as it’s so billowy and makes me look like an encased sausage.

P.P.S. Carter is so stinkin’ cute I just want to eat him up!



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8 thoughts on “Hey Alexa!

  1. That dress is adorable! Don’t burn it! And Carter is super cute!! I’ll come over and speak to Alexa in French if you’d like. I probably won’t get any further than you did lol maybe she knows Korean or German? Haha Spanish even?

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