4 Things I Love That Everyone Else Hates

4 Thins I Love

I did a post a few weeks ago called 4 Things Everyone Else Loves That I Hate. I thought it only appropriate to reverse the table and come up with a few things I know I love that the majority isn’t fond of. Now, don’t get me wrong, I know some of you out there will love some of the things below but the majority (I think), does not. Here it goes…..

Tiny Houses

I love, love, love tiny houses. I love them so much that I haven’t ruled out living in one at some point in my life. I’m not an idiot though. If I’m seriously going to buy one, I would first rent one for like a week and see if I love it. Perhaps that’s all I need to get it out of my system. It would be ironic though if I stayed in one for a week, hate it so much then the following week, put a down payment on an 11 bedroom mansion.

My Corolla

I’ve had my car since 2002. It has over 275,000 miles on it and is still chuggin’ along. I’m not saying I wouldn’t love a new car because I absolutely would. It’s just that I have 100% respect for my car since it’s lasted this long. I absolutely hate mini-vans and I don’t even want an SUV as that’s just a min-van in disguise. What I would love for my next car is a hard-top convertible, now that my kids are old enough to strap themselves in and I wouldn’t be doing it via a 2-door. I am going to run the Corolla till it dies then I’m going to have a car funeral. All of you are invited to pay your respects. Corolla has requested no flowers but instead donations to her owner, Hot Mess.

Super Dry Red Wine

I think I was 4 when my dad gave me my own miniature glass of red wine. Growing up in an Italian family this was completely normal. It was also a reason why friends loved coming to my house for Sunday dinners. Their families never offered wine at dinner. Fast forward 30+ years and I can only drink dry, dry reds. For anyone offering me anything other than Cabernet, I look at them as if they just handed me a juice box.

Absolute Quiet

I don’t know if it’s my medically diagnosed ADD but I absolutely need everything quiet to write. I have never in my life used a sound machine to get to sleep or want the tv on to fall asleep to. How people watch tv and do homework at the same time is beyond me. If I do find myself writing while my sons and husband are watching football, I have a set of earplugs I keep in the kitchen specifically for this situation. I would say the only exception is like right now. I’m in my front room while my son plays Fifa 18. Somehow, it doesn’t bother me.

Even when I’m not writing and in a busy, noisy establishment, I sometimes look around, as if I’m not in my own body and observe each sound individually. It’s like I’m taking inventory of each sound that is making this one big obnoxious sound. When things get loud at work (I have a cube), I have to put my ear plugs in because I can’t concentrate. I’m jealous of those that can write a Pulitzer Prize winning novel in the middle of a McDonald’s playland.

So do you love any of the above? What do you love that you think everyone else hates? I would love to hear them!






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