Trolls, Trolls, Trolls, Trolls! On a Community Facebook Page

I’m so over the trolls of the internet that I’ve decided to write posts about them. Did trolls exist in the 80’s? Did people send hateful letters? I don’t know. What I do know is I will be posting examples of various trolls.

I remember my Uncle Penn always had these adorable trolls around, perhaps it was my Aunt Geibe but I absolutely loved them! They were naked with bright color hair. The trolls, not my aunt and uncle. People…let’s stay focused here. Then a few years back, the movie Trolls came out with equally cute trolls. It even starred my next husband, Justin Timberlake. So those kind of trolls are adorbs. Unfortunately, we aren’t talking about those kind of trolls. We are talking about internet trolls.

What I’m about to show you is the back and forth within my neighborhood. Are you kidding me? I thought about not posting this but if you are brave enough to attack your own neighbor, then it’s carte blanche here bitches. I’m also not particularly happy as I walked onto my front porch to comb my hair (I have a ton of hair and loose a ton of hair so I comb it outside, weather permitting) and found this:

ruined flowersWhat kind of knuckle dragger do you have to be to do this to someone’s flowers? And I know it wasn’t an animal because the morons left only the purple flowers intact and removed the white. So without further ado, here are the conversations just within my neighborhood.

Bright Light

GalaGala 1

Gala 5

Gala 3

And below is my all time favorite comment of this thread: BLESS YOUR HEART! I’m actually making a wine glass that says, “Bless their heart”.

Galea 4

P.S. It’s important to note that the rude woman who started the trouble is a very active blogger. It’s sad that she has to be so nasty.

Trash Cans

Here is a a delightful little squabble about the deed restrictions. 90% of the folks that chimed in, didn’t need to then at the end we have adults fighting like 5-year-olds….

offensive sign 1 offensivesign2 OffensiveSign3 OffensiveSign4 offensive sign 5

There are other posts like the above but I’ll spare you guys, as they are ridiculous. A part of me wants to post: “The Sky is Blue. Go trolls go!” And see what my declaration is met with. Until next time, have a troll-rifferic weekend!




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