What I’m Loving Right Now

Loving Right Now

I officially had the best tea I’ve ever had in my life today and I’d like to share it with you. In fact, I’m going to share a few things I’m loving right now.

Capital Teas

Capital TeasI’m not a huge tea drinker. Not until today when I tried the Capital Teas brand. Now full disclosure, when I leave a hotel room, the room looks like a car up on cinder blocks in the Bronx. I take EVERYTHING. The lotion, the shampoo, the Keurig pods even the notepad and the pen. Occasionally, if the do not disturb sign is cute, I’ll even take that. In our hotel room in Bethesda, Maryland (we’ll get to that love next) a few weeks ago, were these adorable tea packets that read Organic on the Riverfront. I slid my arm across the surface and down went the little packets into my purse.

Fast forward to today in the office and I need a tea break. After applying the lotion I picked up from the same hotel, I brewed a cup of Capital Tea. After tasting it, all I thought was ‘did little baby angels create this tea blend? Holy shit!’ And look, these people aren’t paying for me to tell you this. I’m just telling you what I love. So yeah, if you like tea, please try this brand. It’s amazing.

Canopy by Hilton

Canopy BreakfastAh man, I loved Canopy by Hilton, Bethesda, Maryland so much! This is what I call a thoughtful hotel. Why? Because they’ve thought of everything. Let’s start in the morning. Breakfast is included and it’s deluxe. It’s not you filling up a plastic cup of waffle batter then pouring on an iron or microwaved eggs. It’s French toast, real smoothies, frittata and Quiche. And if you don’t want to go down for breakfast, you place a little brown bag on a hook by your door the night before and it’s filled with a light breakfast! Have you ever heard of that? If you are thirsty, there is a filtered water station on every floor. If you want to ride a bike there are complimentary bikes and helmets to use. The only negative is the website promises you a complimentary gift picked up from the neighborhood upon arrival. When we weren’t presented with it, I asked for it and was told it was a honey stick. I’ll pass thank you.

In the evening, there is a complimentary wine, beer or alcohol tasting made locally (not in someone’s bath tub people! I’m talking real wineries or distilleries). I hate beer so I was bummed on the first night it was that. My husband was happy because he obviously took mine. The next night was better with a whisky tasting in which I partook.

The rooms are modern and chic. I did my sandwich trick and scored a suite. Here is a pic of it:

our room

Overall, a 4.5 out of 5 stars!!

Chloe Cabernet Sauvignon

CabernetChloe Cabernet Sauvignon was found by complete chance and I’m so glad I found it! Ok, I may have been partial as my husband calls me Chloe as my nickname. Why? My middle name is Clorinda. Yes, my parents were drunk in the delivery room.

I’ve bought 2 bottles in the past week. Price varies but it seems to be around $15 a bottle. This wine is ridiculously oaky and when I find an oaky red, I cling to it. I absolutely love red wines that have an oaky taste to it. If you try it, you’ll have to tell me what you think!

Queer Eye

Queer EyeWhen Queer Eye for the Straight Guy was on, I absolutely loved it! I don’t think I missed an episode for the first few years. When I found out the reincarnation was on Netflix with a shortened name- Queer Eye, I knew I had to watch it.

You want to know why I haven’t been blogging so much this week? Because I’ve been binge watching this damn show! It’s addictive. It has humor (I laughed), it has sadness (I cried) and a whole lotta’ sass. Yesterday I learned what a French tuck was and Saturday I learned a calming technique all thanks to Queer Eye.

The gentlemen are fabulous and funny. Johnathan is my favorite as he is literally a long-lost Kardashian. He acts and sounds just like one and I want to adopt him. Actually, I want to adopt all of them!

So ladies and gents, that is currently what I’m drinking, where I’m staying and what I’m watching. It’s good to have favorite things. What are yours right now?





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