Youtube, Florida and Packing

Lame-ass title, I know. I just didn’t know what else to name it. I really wanted to entitle it: Some Miscellaneous but that would get me zero hits via Google so I named it Youtube, Florida and Packing.

So my family and I leave for Florida tomorrow. Instead of getting a hotel, my friend was kind enough to ask if we wanted to stay with her as she would already be down there anyway, vacationing with another friend. Wait till you see this house! It’s beautiful! Sure, we’ll probably kill each other’s kids before it’s all said and done, but that’s neither here nor there. Plan on pictures being posted of the place. Watch us get there and it’s a broken down shack with no plumbing. I will lose my shit.

Ugh! Side note, just checked in with Southwest and got boarding passes B22, B23 and B24. I checked in exactly 24 hours, on the nose and those are my seats? Ugh! At least we aren’t going across the country so I shouldn’t bitch.


Ok, as you guys may or may not know, I’m dipping my toe into vlogging but extremely slow. My sons watch YouTube like we watched NBC, ABC and CBS in the 80’s. I find it fascinating how tv watching has dramatically shifted for today’s youth. Listen to me. I sound like a God-damn Therapist or something. None of that here. I showed my son my House Hunters Vlog and he lost it, thinking it was hilarious and that I am bat shit crazy! I encourage you to check it out if you haven’t. Anyway, he showed me a vlogger he is watching, Ari Cagan and this kid is hilarious. He’s making fun of another vlogger and calls him a douche canoe. What’s a douche canoe? Click on his link to learn. OMG! I made P subscribe to him instantly.


I’m hissing right now, rolling my eyes as I think of this. I don’t want to pack. I want a man servant to walk in here, say in a British accent, “Madame, do you prefer the Louis Vuitton steamer trunk or the Hermes?” and pack all my shit. That’s what I want. Instead, my in-laws are loaning us some luggage. I’m annoyed at myself because I didn’t even think about needing a bunch of luggage till yesterday. Driving home from work, I’m like,

‘Well, it’s either borrow luggage or use trash bags.’

And I have a free download for you guys but I can’t take credit for it. You may or may not know this but Microsoft has some amazing templates for EVERYTHING. One that I found and used when packing for Los Angeles was a packing check-list. You can obviously customize it but in case you need a good one, here you go! packingchecklist

P.S. See you in Florida hot messes!

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