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Ah, it’s that time again folks. I’ve amassed enough spam comments to present to you a fabulous array of idiocy and incompetent English. Tonight’s theme includes cougars, bodily fluids and tons of Viagra. Do we see a possible theme emerging? I think so! Let’s get started!

Dating Z Cougar!

spam comment 1

So let’s talk about this for a moment. Am I the cougar or is the old man the cougar because he’s…well…old? I like that this comment is understated and right to the point: CHAT OLD MAN SEX. There, done! But really, if you are chatting with old men, does that make you a cougar? Perhaps it should have been CHAT YOUNG MAN SEX?

Upright In More Ways Then One

spam comment 2This comment was from my 6 Ways to be a Decent Human Being on an Airplane. And the comment was almost not spam till I read, “sit up right and oh by the way… Viagra online”. I do appreciate the irony between upright seats and viagra.

Dating Z Cougar is Back!

spam comment 3

I don’t want to have sex or chat with your old men! And I especially don’t want to have futanri video chat with them. Not in a house. Not with a mouse. Not on a train. Not in a car. I do not like chat old man sex, Sam I am! You let me be!

Psychic Logistics

spam comment 4

I was just wondering the other day how all of this works. Thank God this person explained it! But one question, why isn’t Psychic Friends Network on this list? It’s surely the most reliable and established phone psychic. Right?


Fluid Pool?

spam comment 6

Fluid pool? What the hell’s a fluid pool? Is that like the in-room whirlpools found in 2-star Hampton Inn’s? Nancy, I’m going to sit this one out because I do not want to be involved in your fluid pool. K?

What the Actual F***?

spam comment 5I saved the best for last as I have no words. When I first read this, I thought, ‘maybe I said something against the acting of pissing?’ I mean, we all go but maybe I had offended someone? And what’s this shit about sleeping in your pee or swapping bodily fluids? You my friend, are bat shit crazy and I thank my lucky stars that this made it to my spam folder because it’s a train wreck.

Don’t you just love spam comments? I encourage you to write a post, displaying the worst ones!



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