What Are Your Food Quirks?

Food Quirks

Jabba The HuttLet me preface this by saying I’m still on my diet. Wait, I’m going back on my diet, effective Sunday. I promise! But, I just inhaled 3 slices of Little Caesar’s pepperoni pizza in the back of my Corolla at soccer practice and it was magical! I made sure to park in the lot that no parents are parked in since I basically looked like Jabba the Hut eating. I’m not a pretty eater. I want the food in my mouth and I want it in my mouth yesterday!

That leads me to a question for you. Are you a no food-touching person? I was thinking about this on my way home from work today. I am. The gravy CANNOT run into the water produced by the corn or the potatoes cannot touch my salad. And don’t even get me started about foam plates that have the 5 divided areas. Those are the things wet dreams are made of.

I use to watch my grandfather eat and he would take a slice of bread and sop EVERYTHING up on the plate. My gag reflexes would kick in and honestly, it was a train wreck I couldn’t look away from.

“It’s all goin’ in the same place anyway,” he would say.

“So why stop there grandpa?” I would ask. “Why not just put butter on your salad or ketchup on your donut? It’s all going in the same place, right?”

I would then get a harsh talking to about respecting my elders and everyone eats different or as I like to refer to, wrong.

My Other Weird Food Thing

pizza makingI don’t know where my hang-up with food came from. Maybe it’s from growing up in the restaurant business? It’s probably from watching my father pick the mold off the cheese and declare it now usable. Maybe it’s from making a pizza, going to grab green peppers and on more than one occasion, feeling slime. Since this is a judge free zone, I’m going to tell you my other food quirks. Do you have these? What are your quirks? Remember, no judging!

  • I don’t use deli meat past 3 days. My husband could probably go a week which is absolutely disgusting.
  • When I order Subway, I look away when they are scooping the meat onto the bun. Ignorance is bliss is my motto at these establishments.
  • I’ve lightened up on milk. I used to NEVER use it past the expiration. Now I take a sniff and will use it up to 2 days after.
  • I just started eating bananas and just started getting used to them. I can’t eat them while I’m driving as I need to inspect every part of the banana and throw out anything that looks just a little dark.
  • I don’t EVER eat left overs. EVER! Left overs is the food of the devil. I will eat pizza the next day but it’s taken years to work up to that. When I save something for my husband and he doesn’t eat it and I throw it out a few days later, I’m borderline gagging.
  • Never have I opted for a piece of fruit that was in a hotel common area, a gas station or any other establishment.
  • I buy all my dry goods first then frozen then everything else. I can’t fathom having everything that is refrigerated not be refrigerated for that long. Then it’s a mad dash to get it in the fridge fast.
  • Can’t stand fish. When I’m invited to try any kind of fish I simply lie and say I’m allergic. If I don’t, I hear things like “oh, you’d like salmon” or “it tastes just like steak”. No it doesn’t, it’s disgusting.

So yeah, those are a few of my food quirks. I don’t know how abnormal they are but I was thinking about them earlier and thought I’d share with you guys. Now, what are yours?


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