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I can’t remember where I read it but there was an article on how to make money blogging. In the post there were several ways and I decided to give one a try: Tomoson. I signed up months ago and didn’t do anything with it. Apparently I was under the impression you sign up and they send you money.

Realizing last week I need to start making more money, I decided to actually open one of the emails that Tomoson sent me and see what they had to offer. For those of you that have never heard of Tomoson, it’s a site where companies post items they want “influencers” (i.e. bloggers) to do one or a combination of any of the below:

  • Review a product honestly on your blog.
  • Post a review of the product where it is sold.
  • Mention the product along with pictures and/or video on one or many social media outlets.
  • Take video of you unboxing a product and talking about it.

Now, we all want to make some cash and I get that but if you think your first review will result in actual money, you are mistaken. Well, it might, maybe I just suck and no one wants to pay me. Anyway, I’m just starting and the process is so simple it’s embarrassing. You do have to a lot for some time to set up your profile, add a nice picture of yourself (no duck lips) and enter what you want to be paid for mentioning product on social media.

Once your profile is complete, head on over to the campaigns that are divided into 4 groups: ALL, EASY APPROVALS, FREEBIES, %DEALS AND PAID. Now, before you rush to the paid tab, allow me to suggest something. Companies are going to want to see that you participate and have some experience under your belt. They know how many products you’ve reviewed because it’s on your profile. That being said, I recommend applying for the easy approvals for experience. I’ve applied to 3 and been accepted for all 3! I received my first item in the mail yesterday and I have 2 more on the way.

So tell me what you guys think if you try it out or were thinking about it! Reviewing items would be a nice compliment to my blog. I can only hope that the case of wine I signed up to review is approved. Keep your fingers crossed!



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