Blogger’s Bash Contest- Royalty

Blogger's Bash Contest

Dear Queen,

I’ve never written royalty so I wrestled with how to address you. Initially, I started with “Hey Girl” then changed it to “Hey You” and even “What Up Q”. After discussing this dilemma with my husband and reading the intros, he was adamant that at no point do I use any of the above. So I hope Dear Queen is sufficient.

Anyway, I’m writing because I would like a ticket to the wedding and/or reception. I can sit in the back of the church or be placed at the last table at the reception. You know, where you put the people you have to invite, but don’t really like. I’m laid back like that. In exchange for a ticket, I will invite you to my next Pure Romance party when you come to the states. You don’t have to buy anything, just enjoy wine and snacks so I’ll get the free gift for inviting X amount of guests.

Can you recommend where to purchase a fancy hat? My budget is $50. In America, we don’t wear hats to weddings so obviously, I want to take full advantage of the opportunity. I have 3 fedoras and a floppy 70’s hat, but I don’t think that would work, right?

Can you please let me know where Meghan and Harry are registered? When I got married, I registered at Target and Macy’s. Bed Bath and Beyond was too overwhelming and obnoxious. If that’s where they are registered though, I can totally pick up a gift there.

Lastly, are you going to the bachelorette party? I still have a sash that says BRIDE, if Meghan wants to borrow it. I’ll need it back though because I have a friend getting married this Fall that will want to wear it.


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