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I’m in a show funk right now. How is it in the 90’s there would be like 25 episodes in one season and now your lucky to get 10.  Below is a list of series I’m very much looking forward to the return. I think many of these aren’t super main stream but I absolutely love them and vouch for them. If you haven’t watched any of these, find time to binge watch either on Amazon, Netflix or Hulu.

Drunk History/ Comedy Central

Derek Waters, the co-creator of Drunk History brings together a cast of Hollywood stars to act out historical time periods while a drunker than a skunk person, narrates the history. My favorite? The assissination of Abraham Lincoln. Cast has included Will Ferrell, Kristen Wiig, Jack Black, Will Forte and Wynona Ryder. To watch actors in period costumes talk like it’s 2018 is beyond hilarious. Premieres January 23rd.

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The Man in the High Castle/ Amazon

Taking place in an altered United States in the 1960’s, America lost WWII. The East side of America is runned by the Nazis while the West side is run by the Japanese. Juliana’s sister gives her a film that shows a completely different world then they are used to (the world as we know it) just before dyeing. This becomes Juliana’s mission to seek the truth and to seek the man in the high castle. Season 3 begins early 2018.

Baskets/ FX

Oh my fucking God. Zach Galifianakis and Louis Anderson are AMAZING in this show. This plot is going to sound really out there but stay with me. Chip Basket’s (Galifianakis) dream is to become a professional clown, but not just any clown. He actually travels to Paris and trains at a professional clown college.

After failing college, he comes home to California to work as a rodeo clown while living with his mother Christine (Anderson). Meanwhile, Chip has to deal with his twin brother Dale Basket’s constant reminder that he has mildly succeeded in opening up a technical school. Louis Anderson’s portrayal of a 60-something, overbearing mother is almost too realistic and too perfect. I also need to note Chip befriends a plain, boring woman named Martha (played by Martha Kelley). It should be said that before this role, Martha Kelley had 0 acting experience but she nails this role. I implore you to watch this whole trailer as it’s breathtaking! Premieres January 23rd.

Humans/ AMC

This show is set in future England. A family is struggling to keep up with the day-to-day stresses of running a home, raising children and work. In a moment of desperation, the stay-at-home dad brings home a very beautiful, exotic, synth. What’s a synth? It’s a robot who looks and acts a little too human. As the seasons progresses, we find the synths developing a consciousness. I couldn’t find a premiere date but that it will begin in 2018.

Undercover High/ A&E

This is the first season of this show and I’m about to watch the second episode but you can certainly catch up. If you have young children, this show will make you want to home school your kids. 7 adults (but really, are young 20-somethings really adults?) assume new identities and go back to high school to see what life is like for today’s kids. I can only comment on the first episode but just know it left me clenching my cheeks repeating, “my babies are never going to high school”. And they weren’t in a ghetto high school. I think one is in Kansas for cryin’ out loud! For anyone longing for the “good old days”, you’ll be cured of this when you watch episode 1. Currently airing at 10 p.m. EST.

Ok, so those are 5 shows I can vouch for and completely looking forward to. I do have to tell you that some of the links are Amazon affiliate links and I do get a percentage if you buy something. But I can seriously vouch for all of these and I could care less if you buy, you just gotta watch them!!!!




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