It’s Extravagant, Therefore I Must Partake

trans-siberian orchestra

I would never in a million years, pay for Trans-Siberia orchestra tickets on my own. Hell, I never attend concerts because I can’t bring myself to even pay for concerts I like. So at work today when I was handed 6 free Trans-Siberian Orchestra tickets and a parking pass, who am I to turn them down?

Every year I see commercials for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra and I thought the cost of each ticket is probably way too extravagant therefore I’ve never even explored the option. Now that I have 6 tickets with some of the best seats in the house, I decided to look and I about fell off my chair. 1 “cheap” ticket is $49! If I were to take my sons, that would be $150 for just 3 of us. That doesn’t even include the parking pass. This just verified what I thought- too extravagant for me.

So tomorrow if we find this really isn’t our scene, we are out of there before it’s over. So tell me, have you attended one of these? Am I setting myself up for failure, taking a 9-year-old and a 12-year-old? If you’ve attended, what’s your favorite part? If I need to run the other way, now’s the time to say it!




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