Appetizers Aren’t Meant to be Communal

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I have a sharing problem, I’ll be real. I’m totally on board with letting someone taste something that I think is delicious, no problem. The problem I have is when I’m at a table with friends or family and someone announces,

“Let’s all get different appetizers and share them!”

I look at that person like they just announced they would like to perform a colonoscopy on me. The urge to bitch slap that person to the other side of the restaurant is barely controllable. First of all, this is dinner, not appetizer. I don’t want my main meal to be cheese sticks and potato skins, just because you want to try a little bit of everything. Dinner is where you get 1 meal and you get to pick it out. This isn’t some negotiation where you have to submit a 3 page dissertation on why the table should order stuffed mushrooms in lieu of wing-dings.

I have a very simple method to my dinners- if it’s not broke, why fix it? I don’t want to try something new. Honestly, when I sit down at most restaurants I don’t need a menu because I get the exact same thing each time and this brings me pleasure. Why on Earth would I risk the chance of a crappy meal when I know my usual one will satisfy me? Do I sound like a 95-year-old curmudgeon yet? 105? Thought so.

But alas, I am not a jerk when Satan makes the suggestion to share apps. I let my internal meltdown run its course, smile politely and rattle off what I will and will not eat.


So that was my contribution to the WordPress Daily Prompt. When I saw the word was communal, instantly I thought of how I hate sharing appetizers. So what about you? Are you the one that announces everyone should share appetizers or do you loathe it like me?


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