Ridiculous Gift Guide Courtesy of Facebook Selling Wall

gift guide

I think about 25% of people posting something for sale on Facebook don’t “get it”. This is the place you post things like electronics in good shape, furniture or perhaps antiques. Instead, you get anything and everything. So, for you last-minute shoppers, I present to you a perfectly curated selection of gifts that are still for sale.

For the Fashionista

Why do people post stuff like this? Why? Do they not understand that stuff like this is available in every grocery just a few miles from their house? Why waste time posting, fielding questions and meeting up with potentially a psycho all to get hair products at roughly the same price you could find it in a safe grocery store?

shampoo 1 shampoo2

The Dog Lover

Now honestly when I first saw this I thought it was like a taxidermy thing or something. A doggy preserver? I didn’t even know these existed!


The PETA Relative

We all get annoyed with these people. Why not give them an ironic gift? I think this would be a test on if they really have a sense of humor.


For the Special Man

For the special man in your life that has given up. Perhaps he drives a mini van and wears Dockers every single day. At $3, this is a steal!


The Biker Chick

For that special lady that enjoys bikes and flowers, why not express it on the back of her jacket. And at only $20 it’s either 100% vinyl or really, really old. Just Febreze is and tell her you got it at Anthropologie.


The Co-Worker

Because this person isn’t a quitter, they put up MORE shampoo and conditioner. Again, not the right selling platform. Save it for your garage sale!


For the Person that has Everything

I laughed so hard when I saw this. Who would this be good for? And please don’t answer that question because this needs to be thrown out. This proves that people will attempt to sell anything. Here you have a classic wheelchair….minus an arm. If it’s for a grumpy relative, it would be pretty damn funny to watch them fall out of this time and time again. Just spin Aunt Madge around and watch her fly. Put her back in, repeat.


Merry Christmas!!! 





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