Relate- Who Hates the Elf on the Shelf? Me Too



For the WordPress prompt of the day, the word is RELATE. And I thought, ‘how can I bring up a topic that many people, especially parents, can relate to?’ Then I’m like, ‘oh yeah, the f’ing Elf on the Shelf! Perfect!’

For those of you stopping by via the WordPress Word of the day prompt (and for the first time), let me tell you: I CANNOT stand the Elf on the Shelf. We are in the final stretch of having to hide the damn thing EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. I can’t stand when I hide it, it just looks at me with its creepy little eyes and its creepy little smile. I’m still waiting to wake up one morning, turn my head to the left and see it turn it’s head to the right, meeting my gaze.

Now don’t get me wrong, if you asked my sons, they would tell you I adore the elf but truth be told, that’s one of many little lies I tell them. So how does one cope?  I create adult scenes. Enjoy!

Dirty Elf


chain smoking elf

Wino Elf


Elf on the shelf, Naughty Elf, Christmas

Zipper, we’ve called you hear because we love you and want to see you get better. Put down the pills….


Bad elf, Christmas, Elf on the Shelf

“There can only be one favorite stuffed animal in this house and you aren’t it!”


Elf on the Shelf, Elf behaving badly

The Elf at Studio 54. It’s just sugar all! The dollar is real though.

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