S*** Women Like- Lularoe


Let me be clear, I do not like Lularoe clothing. I’ve never tried it, I don’t want to try it and yes it now comes down to me being stubborn. I feel I have a right to be stubborn given the way it’s pushed on me and any other innocent victims.

It started on Facebook with a Lularoe group I did NOT sign up to be in. I was just thrown in against my will and it pissed me off I was not asked first. I did everything I could to get out of the group and it was all in vain. Additionally, I would be thrown into these groups on an almost weekly basis. I am so annoyed that Facebook allows this to continue but then the 24-year-old tech nerds working at Facebook, probably don’t have leggings being pushed on them like a drug dealer.

So what is LulaRoe?

From what I gather, very comfortable leggings and dresses. Almost to the point of being dressed up pajamas. Women swear by them. I swear at them.

“Have you tried the leggings? There so comfortable.”

“How do you know if you don’t try?”

I’m not trying it because I don’t appreciate the pyramid scheme this is. Don’t believe me? Read this article about the class action law suit. Essentially the “consultants” are pressured into purchasing “inventory”. When the only person drinking the kool-aid is the consultant and they can’t unload the product, they’re stuck with it. Now granted, it’s the “consultants” own stupidity but that is half the reason I refuse to buy. Just because you financially ruined yourself with 100 pairs of Christmas leggings, doesn’t mean you’re gonna clog up my Facebook feed by sticking me in a stupid group.

The other problem I have is it directly contradicts one of the best pieces of advice my mother gave me. Her advice was: never get into the habit of wearing elastic wasted pants as you will never be able to feel yourself getting fat. Considering Lularoe is nothing more than leggings and mumus disguised as comfortable dresses, I could see how one could easily become pleasantly plump.

And lastly, when I read things like “support my LulaRoe business” on Facebook, I’m like, no. What these women don’t realize is LulaRoe makes money from the women who think they are going to have a viable business by purchasing all the inventory. But the inventory they are buying is what LulaRoe is banking on. And for the 5 videos they have online of success stories, you will 5,000 consultants stuck with excess inventory. It’s really a shame.

So yeah, I would consider LulaRoe s*** women like but I will never be one of those women.

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