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Internet Gold- Crappy Kid Drawings

Today as I was adding my post on the 50 different social media sites including StumbleUpon, I actually stumbled on one of the funniest sites I had ever been on.

The Background

The owner of the site used to work in an office where he noticed a co-worker had ugly drawings posted to her cubicle wall. When he inquired about the artist, she said her kids had drawn them. His next move was to tell her they sucked which obviously did not go over well.

One thing led to another and eventually we have what I like to refer to as internet gold. There are pages upon pages of kid art, along with his magical comments. If you are easily offended, this is not the site for you. If you have a personality, you gotta read this. Wanna teaser? I have permission from the author himself. Here you go! One of my favorites!

crappy kid photos

The Website

So what’s the website Hot Mess? 

Ok, you’ve waited long enough. Here you go!

Need a gift for that hard to buy for person on your Christmas list? He has compiled many of the shitty drawings into one hilarious book. And guys, I am in no way being paid to write this post or for the links. When I find something I think is hilarious or worth sharing, I do.

Crappy Children's Art


picture my son drewSo folks, I leave you with a shitty piece of work I received from my son last year. I can say that because he found a part of a paper that wasn’t printed on, ripped it off, grabbed a dull pencil and went to work.

The result? Apparently it’s raining sperm. Lots of sperm. Like the sperm wasn’t going to stop until they reached their target? But what was the target? A uterus? No, they were aiming for the barn or the 2 partially constructed barns, one floating in the sky. Ironically, the sun resembles what I think may look like a uterus so why the sperm are heading away from it is beyond me. Obviously we know which way these sperm swing and it’s towards the barn door.


P.S. My featured image is courtesy of a child in my son’s class. The banna she speaks of is actually supposed to be a football jersey. Obviously a football jersey on acid.

Hot Mess is social! Click and follow!

2 thoughts on “Internet Gold- Crappy Kid Drawings

  1. I think your kid has potential! He’s leaving us with an interesting idea for a horror movie about aliens raining their seeds on earth. Wait, did somebody say War of the Worlds?

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