Pick My S’well Water Bottle

S'well Water Bottle

So up until last week, I would go through about 4 plastic water bottles a day. Last week my company moved into a new, beautiful office, complete with a filtered water dispenser for water bottles. We were pleased to find little treats on our desk one day like a branded umbrella, a Tim Horton’s gift card, ear buds and my favorite? A S’well water bottle.

“What the hell’s a S’well water bottle Hot Mess?”

I’m glad you asked. It’s my new obsession. It keeps the water cold for, are you ready for this? 24 hours!!! Yes, 24 hours!! It keeps coffee hot for 12 hours! Not only did they gift us with these amazing bottles but they had our initials applied. The only problem is- the pattern chosen for me isn’t my style. It’s not wrong, just not my style. Here’s the one I received:



For any of you that know me, my style is feminine with pinks, lace and flowers. I also adore classic styles or retro. I want to get another S’well bottle but I want it to be my style. So, I want you guys to help me pick! Below are 3 bottles I’ve decided are finalist. You may not like any of them, and if you don’t that’s ok! Which one should I pick? A, B or C?

A. White Lace $35

White Lace

B. New York $35

New York

C. English Garden $50

English Rose

I thought about putting the below in the running but I had no idea how I would get the word “MESS” added after the word “HOT”. Also, if this was for cold water, it just wouldn’t feel right putting it in a bottle that says “HOT” :

Hot Swell Bottle

Let me say, I’m in no way being paid/sponsored by S’well. I’m just a new fan who is reaching out to her friends and readers to help me choose one of the 3 bottles I will buy. I will also suggest you buy one NOW.  This very minute. No seriously….get a new tab up and buy one….STAT! And guys, they have a ton of masculine looking ones too using wood prints, camo or solid colors.

P.S. If you like their water bottles, go on their site and if you are a first time buyer, you can subscribe to get 15% off your first order! How awesome is that?!

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