Parents Behaving Badly

Soccer Parents

Just when I thought I was blessed for getting 1 video of parents behaving badly on Saturday, along comes a second little nugget today. For those of you that don’t know, I’m a reluctant soccer mom. I party hard with my girls but you’ll never see me creating obnoxious, Pinterest, soccer crafts or driving a mini van. I’d rather wash my hamster’s hair.


My 12-year-old, P had a soccer game yesterday morning. What was your average game, quickly went down hill when one of our players collided with the opposing team’s player. Voices were raised and before you know it, this happened….


I didn’t expect irate parents. If there was anyone irate, it was me, walking to field 80 despite there being 79 other, perfectly good fields. I tried to turn lemons into lemonade when I thought,

‘at least I’ll get my steps in’.

Then I was like, ‘fuck my steps, this blows,’ as I made it to the field 10 minutes later.

Things were uneventful until about 1/3 into the game. Suddenly a hot head parent began to scream belligerently on the field. Seeing that I had experience with this, less than 24 hours ago, I stood up and began to record the shit.

You would thing this was professional, European football. This guy paced around like a tiger, completely pissed off. I looked at his children, wondering if he beat them as this was a special type of personality.

Despite having an accent and clearly hispanic, he asked the ref that was ignoring him if he spoke English, Chinese or Spanish. The ref took it like a champ and completely ignored him.

Alas, I present to you Parents Behaving Badly Part Deux:

I may have a future in recording parents behaving badly. I’ve seen this behavior several times so really, I don’t think it will be hard to record more. Careful parents, I may record you……

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