Flights Aren’t Affordable!


When I was a kid and went on my first flight we dressed up. This was probably 1988. On the flight to Orlando we were served chicken and several sides. Obviously flying then isn’t what it is now.

Fast forward to today and I’m like ‘how does anyone afford more than one plane ticket?’

I mean seriously? Are ya’ll in debt? Hooking? Selling drugs? How is this possible? I’m trying to find tickets for my sons and I to visit my cousin in LA this summer. I thought I was well on my way to success via Frontier till the RIDICULOUS nickel and dimming. Here is what they were going to charge. Grab a glass of wine because you’ll need it to steady you from falling off your chair in disbelief.

So to fly from Columbus, Ohio to Los Angeles I managed to find 3 tickets for a grand total of $804. Not bad, right? Wait till you see these extra charges.

seat assignments


On top of your base fare you must now select your seat and the only 4-15 seats that don’t cost extra are either back middle ones or the last row. See for yourself.

Every other seat you have to pay an additional fee. Now because this is a connecting flight going and coming, this extra fee is on every ticket, every leg. For simplicity and comfort I chose row 12 for this example which now added a combined, round trip total of $360.

Next up is the baggage. I have accepted that checked luggage costs something and prepared to pay. What I was not prepared for was the outlandish cost to carry on for Frontier. Both carry on and checked are $35 a piece each way, per person. Multiple that by 3 and you’ve just amassed another $420.

So, let me break it down for you guys:

Base fare: $804 (635 pounds)

Seat selection: $360 (285 pounds)

1 carry on and 1 checked bag per person: $420 (332 pounds)

Grand total for 3 people to fly from Columbus, Ohio to Los Angeles, California? $1,584 (1254 pounds) or $528 (418 pounds)per person. What…the….fuck?

I’m about to get in my covered wagon and head west at this point. I get that what would take days only take 1/2 a day in flight but Jesus! This is ridiculous!

At this rate, we’ll never get to LA! Do you guys have any secret tips on scoring cheap flights? I am all ears!!!


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