Juju On That Beat


I am over the moon about this post! I can’t even take it peoples! I have watched this video no less than 15 times and it makes me smile every God damn time. Since I’ve essentially come out of the blogging closet, I can now post stuff like this. Of course after getting everyone’s sign off, that is. I’m pleased to say all mothers signed off on this video. Love you ladies!

This was a few weeks ago at NG’s house. It was an evening full of alcohol, pizza and laughs. I don’t think I could feel my face by 10 p.m. and honestly I wouldn’t change it for the world! Here is my son (the older one) and AF’s son having a dance off. Does that date me? A dance off? What is this? Grease? Christ.

Anyway, please give this some lovin’ as I simply love this video! It’s only  1.37 minutes long.

The Video

Well, Lord knows P didn’t get his athletic ability from me and when I dance I look like I am having a severe case of tics. My husband can’t dance either so who knows where the moves came from. What do you guys think? Adorable? Right!


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