What I Will Do With My First 5 Million From Blogging


Look, we can all dream and envision a better life for ourselves and our families. I think that’s how we get through the day to day of the electric about to be turned off or the mortgage a month behind. So indulge me for a moment and read how I would blow 5 million dollars.

The List

Buy a plantation looking house, complete with columns and a balcony. It would have at least 5 bedrooms, a media room and a pool.

Employ a maid (I don’t have to do laundry anymore! Rejoice!) and a chef for a few nights of the week. I’m not cooking if I don’t have to. Additionally, I would have a personal trainer to get my flabby ass in shape.

I would get the following cosmetic surgeries (yes, I am that vein): Botox and Restylane. If I grow a pair, I would additionally get implants and a nose job (I have a Roman nose).

I would set aside $100k for each of my sons’ for college funds.

I would pay off my in-law’s home, my sister’s home and my sister in law’s condo. Additionally, I would buy my mother and other sister a house. Nothing grand, but something to call their own.

I would trade in my 2003 corolla with 259,000 miles, for a Lexus hardtop convertible as well as a Lincoln Escalade SUV. Need to be ballin’ at soccer practice.

I would learn how to fly. You heard me. I’ve always wanted to learn!

I would take my sons on long needed vacations to places like Paris, Jamaica and Hawaii.

Additionally, I would take my sons on a Royal Caribbean cruise and we would stay in the suite that has 2 floors.

I may start a winery.

We would probably move to Los Angeles if I knew I had the money to fly back to Ohio to visit family whenever, or fly family out to us whenever.

I would have over the top New Years Eve parties. Like Studio 54 parties. They would be ridiculous and decadent.

I have gone SO LONG without buying myself a proper wardrobe that I would go crazy shopping ALL THE TIME. I love fashion but it’s had to go on the back burner if I want to feed my family and keep the lights on.

Ok, so that is my list. Don’t lie, you know you day dream about things you would buy if you were loaded. What would you buy? How would your life change? It’s freeing to dream about stuff like this, isn’t it?





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