I Love The 80’s-Part 1-Telephone & Shopping

I love the 80's

Sometimes I think back on how life was like in the 80’s and shake my head in disbelief. To see how far we’ve come with technology is astounding to me. I’m feeling a bit nostalgic so let’s talk about it, shall we? Shhhh…..don’t answer (I put my index finger up to your lips), just listen……

I Love the 80’s-Telephone

I think the biggest thing that has changed is the telephone. In 2017, the thing I use my phone for the least is talking on it. I HATE TALKING ON THE PHONE! In the 80’s no one had cell phones unless you were the Wolf of Wall Street. You had a landline and if you were lucky, you had several phones all over the house. Sure, this increased the chances of your sister picking up another phone and listening in but you could usually tell because you could hear the background noise or you may have a mouth breather on your hands.

A new phone started out with a cord that measured 6′. After a year of multi-tasking while on the phone, you could now walk out of your house and to the stop sign and still be connected. That cord stretched and stretched and stretched. If you weren’t wrapped up in it, you were busy lassoing it around the phone receiver. I once used the phone as a weapon and the cord as a whip to hit my sister who wouldn’t stop laughing at me. The more I hit her, the more she giggled and the more it pissed me off.

And how about the busy signal? Was that not nails on the chalkboard? Dear God!!! For years my best friend’s family NEVER had call waiting and her mom (whom I love dearly) would be on the phone with her best friend all the time when I wanted to be on the phone with my best friend. Eventually they did get call waiting so she could switch over to me to tell me she was talking to her best friend and to call back in an hour. Obviously I can’t win.

I Love the 80’s-Shopping

Amazon Prime Now is available in my area.  I can choose from thousands of products and have it show up on my doorstep within a few hours. Are you kidding me? Then I get pissed last week that they can’t bring me my wine the same evening. #FirstWorldProblems, right?

So in the 80’s we had catalogs- the 2 biggest being Sears and JC Penny’s or what I lovingly refer to as Jacque Pena. For $10 you could buy this encyclopedia of clothing, comforters and power tools. Can you believe we had to call in our order? Yes children born after 1990, we had to PHONE IN OUR ORDER! At least you spoke with a human being right away….and they spoke fluent English. You even had the option to mail your order in; I shit you not. How long did that take? I don’t know, I’ve blocked it out of my memory. For faster service we could have our catalog order delivered to the local pharmacy that had a little wrap desk dedicated to Sears catalog orders. I think this took 3-4 days which completely blew my mind.

So you get your new Palmetto jean skirt home and try it on only to discover it doesn’t fit! You can’t just return it in the store like you can today. Nope, you had to start the whole damn process over again. Weeks! This process could potentially take weeks!

Your other non-brick and mortar option was shopping on tv. QVC quickly became my mother’s favorite channel. Suddenly we had diamonique rings, the entire Sweatin’ Into the Oldies collection and facial moisturizers showing up at our door weekly. I don’t think I’ve ever been enticed in my entire life to buy anything off of QVC. Just the fact you have to say you bought something off  QVC immediately disqualifies you from any sort of cool.

My next post is going to stroll down memory lane of entertainment and how we got by without Google. I can’t believe we are still alive to talk about it. Ok, I’m going to go fly my son’s drone now.


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