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The title describes why I’ve gotten a bit, shall we say “curvy” over the past 6 months. My parade of food and drink came to a screeching halt at my son’s soccer game yesterday when my other son said, “I can see your belly button.”

“What? No, no you can’t,” I protested.

My husband stared down at my belly, “oh my God, I can see it too.”

“Like my gut is hanging out or you can see my belly button through my shirt?”

“Like I can see it through your shirt,” my son said.

It’s not like I have a protruding belly button. Hell, I don’t even have an outie. I was hurt and offended now, not going to lie.

“Ok, stop. I get it. I need to lose weight. I get it. I’ll start tomorrow.” I mumbled, defeated.

Later that day when we were home, I brought up the belly comment again and how I joined to lose weight “since I have a belly.” I also announced I was aware I’ve gained weight.

“Yeah, I wanted to tell you you’ve gained wait, but I felt bad.”


That is all it took. As harsh as that was to hear, that is what I needed. Last night I stood in front of the mirror and pulled my shirt up. I exhaled to let my belly out and turned to display my profile. There before me was a woman who looked 6 months pregnant. Yep, it’s time.


I immediately grabbed a pen and paper and measuring tape and headed upstairs. I took off all my clothes and stepped on the scale; 144 pounds. When I put the measuring tape around my waist, hips, bust and legs, here is what I got:

Waist: 34

Hips: 38

Bust: 37

Thighs: 37

So I’m all ears folks on weight loss tips. Seriously. Many hangry days are ahead of me. I’m scared for you and I’m scared for me. I get ridiculously hangry as I LOVE TO EAT! So here’s to my 1,600 calories. I wonder how many calories my wine is.


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