Mild Concussion? I don’t F****** Know

Urgent Care

I spent 3 hours this evening at Children’s Hospital Urgent Care because my son got a mild concussion. You can read about what happened here: Soccer Fields On Ancient Indian Burial Grounds

Despite the “ground breaking” app of Nationwide Children’s Hospital, the app said it was a 28 minute wait. It turns out it was a 55 minute wait. The front desk lady was clearly annoyed when I asked how much longer. Her 4 carat ring said that this job was a hobby and she didn’t need it. Just a few minutes later, we were called back.

The Prognosis?

Oh you’ll love this. I was told the following:

“If his symptoms leave, it’s not a mild concussion. If they stick, it’s a mild concussion. If things change, like he has a seizure, go to the ER.”

Esqueeze-me? Um baking powder?

That should go without saying of course I’m taking him to the ER if he has a seizure. This is probably a bad time to explain my father died from a seizure.



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