My Favorite Apps and Why

My Favorite Apps

When I was in high school, I bugged, I mean really bugged the football player next to me to help me in computer class. I struggled big time just to keep up. If you missed one step, the entire process was thrown into a tandem. I cursed technology! Every time I looked at the black screen with pea green letters, I would hiss secretly inside (circa 1994).

Fast forward 23 years later and I fucking love technology! Once I actually learned what was what, I began to have a new found appreciation. Because of this, I would like to present to you guys my favorite FREE apps and why. Try’em out! You may like them!


This little app is pretty amazing. You connect it to your bank account and all transactions round up and are thrown into stocks. You can have a recurring amount taken out weekly too. I used to have $10 a week come out. Once I realized I don’t even miss that, I increased it to $20 a week 2 weeks ago. I did take a chunk out for Christmas but right now I have over $200 in there and I don’t even feel it. It’s actually fun to check my account. I am just starting to see gains with my stocks.


You only followed me so I would follow you? Now that I follow you, you unfollow me? I don’t think so ass hole! First let me say I don’t follow people to get more follows. Maybe this isn’t the right thinking but it’s kinda shady to me. I follow you because I want to follow you. Now since I am Italian and I believe and eye for an eye, I’m not above unfollowing you the minute you unfollow me. Statusbrew shows who unfollows you, who is following you and many, many more insights. For an additional fee you can also apply this service to Instagram and others. I check it probably every day.


I used to never be able to take naps. Though I still struggle, Pzizz has helped me tremendously to take time out for me. In as little as 10 minutes, you can have a restful catnap. There is a voice that offers suggestions while dreamy music plays in the background. There is also the sleep function to get you to sleep faster. It has changed my whole perspective on sleep!

Team Snap

I don’t know what a mess I would be without Teamsnap. If you don’t have kids, skip this one. This powerful app has your child(ren) entire practice/game schedule, the team roster, a place parents can upload team photos, contact info, address of field locations and a chat board. There is even an area for who is bringing snacks!!! I love, love, love this app!


Got 10 minutes? Learn French or Spanish. They have a TON of languages to choose from. The lessons are fun and they even send you a reminder that it’s time for your lesson. It takes about 10 minutes per lesson. If you have a background in any language, you can test out of certain lessons by taking a test. I was able to test out of a few French lessons. Sure beat the $500 for Rosetta Stone!

Cleanup Dupes

“Why the hell do I have 3 Dragon Village Chinese Food’s in my phone?” Would be something I would scream often. One night I got pissed and researched apps. I found Cleanup Dupes and it helped BIG TIME! It identifies duplicate entries and asks if you want to combine entries if you have one for someone’s cell number and another entry for their e-mail for example. It is such a huge time saver and really makes you feel a bit more organized.


God bless Starbucks! I close with this app as if I were a millionaire, this is where breakfast would come from every morning. I can pay with this app but more importantly, I can submit my order, bypass the line and pick up my order. I can’t stress enough how much time this app saves, allowing me to skip lines.

I am ALWAYS looking for helpful, awesome apps. Share your apps with me! I’ll probably be researching them the minute you post them in the comments!!!


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