Why I’m Annoyed By Miley Cyrus

I got nothing

So as I was gathering my notes for a post I wanted to write on things that have to go including stars that declare they are moving to another country if Trump is elected. I wanted to go back and see if anyone that had announced they were leaving, did.

I know you’ll be shocked but guess what? No one left the country! Whhhaaattt? No for real, can you believe it my fellow basic people? Our sacred Hollywood didn’t move out of the country. Surely they had a reason, right? Apparently the Southern California lifestyle as well as their Bel Aire mansions won over their conviction. Shocker.

I think one night I got drunk, tagged half of them and told them “don’t let the door hit you on the way out” or “Bye”. To be fair I researched to see if anyone had indeed left the country; kept to their word. Google suggested Miley Cyrus did. I had a new found respect for her.

Nothing more suggested she left the U.S. so I thought I’d hit up her Instagram account since stars tend to be informal on this channel. Maybe she’ll show her new house in Australia. Maybe she’ll be ice fishing in Canada? Who knows? Nope, she’s still in her California mansion. The first Instagram post was her celebrating Obama…..for pardoning a traitor…..that leaked national secrets…..because he became a she. That was her sole reason for her support of this human. She’s the type of ass hole that can’t strip labels off and assess a person as a human. If the person falls under her category of cool and current, she’s gonna’ support them and justify their actions.

Take a look at her Instagram message on this first pic. What I love is her attempt to be just like the people and denounce excess yet in one of her pictures, some dumb furniture piece has the Gucci logo. You know what? Come talk to me about how awful excess is when you receive electric disconnection notices via text. She is worth an estimated $600 million dollars so don’t insult 95% of the planet and talk about how one should not want for riches. You have no idea what it is like to be poor.

Oh, try to be poor while I live in my mansion

again, you really love your weed and your annoying

And to talk about excess, isn’t this the very definition- drugs? We get it Miley, you smoke weed. We are bored at this point and you look just ridiculous. It’s old news and we don’t care. Again, WE DON’T CARE.

we get it, you smoke weed

Again, don’t care about your obsession with weed. Mom and dad must be so proud. Instead of going to college or just being a better human overall, this is what you do in your spare time.









































































Well, at least you are well qualified to use your celebrity status to comment on political issues. It’s clear you’ve  researched this matter in order to give a thoughtful opinion and stance. I would say you have a promising career as a news anchor at CNN or CNBC but you are moving out of the U.S. right? Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.


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